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You are eligible if you are a Indian citizen, over 21 years of age and minimum Rs. 20,000/- monthly income, 1 year of work experience as an employee or self-employed, you can get your loan sanctioned in minutes. Download our app and get money right away!

Loan Dost can reject loan application based on following reasons:

1) Poor CIBIL score.

2) Poor ratio of income and expenses.

3) Uploaded documents/info could not be verified.

A personal loan can be used in many aspects which includes weddings, home renovation, buying a car, higher education and also other aspects like payment of medical bills, down payments in the time of purchasing products and others.

From ₹10,000 to ₹1,50,000

Currently we allow only one loan at a time.

No the personal loan cannot be jointly applied .

The key documents will be – PAN Card & any address proof i.e. Voter Id, Electricity Bill, Driving License & Passport

Taking photos of photos/photocopies could take our machines and employees more time to read your data, Images might not be legible and leading to delay in processing or rejection of application.

Our software approves loan application based on following rules:

1) CIBIL score checking.

2) Check ratio of income and expenses.

3) Documents verification.

Yes, there would be a processing fee.

The personal loan rate will be fixed not floating.

After completion of your application process within 30 minutes the loan will be disbursed.

In case of missing the EMI there will be a late payment charge. Not only this, it will also affects the credit score which will have huge impact for the future for getting loans and credit cards.

The personal loan will be disbursed only by online bank transfer.

No, there is no tax benefits on the personal loan.

The personal loan should be repaid through monthly installments.

In case you decide to pay off your personal loan before the loan tenure is completed, you get charged an additional fee termed as prepayment/foreclosure charge/penalty. This prepayment penalty is 2% of the principal outstanding

You can update your email-ID in setting after login to Loan Dost mobile app.

There will be no co applicant.

An Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) has 2 components: interest and principal. When the interest is calculated at monthly rests using reducing balance method, the principal on which the interest is charged goes down every month. This results in significant savings for the customer over the tenure of the loan

In case your application has been rejected by Loan Dost system. No worry, you can re-apply for a fresh loan after 3 months

For salaried person:

Loan Dost uses perfios to fetch your salary information and as per that we give you options to choose EMI day based on your salary day.

For self-employed person:

You can select any date 1/5/10/15 of every month.

To make your life simpler, we have functionality which allows you to provide us the bank statement directly from the bank without looking for pdf statements received from the bank. Simply login to your bank via Perfios (Our partner in providing better customer experience).If you are salary person then we need your salary bank account statements to validate your salary data and to assist you with repayment dates close to your salary date so that you may never have to default on your repayment.

If you are self-employed then we need your bank account statement to gouge your monthly income to provide you repayment dates.

No, we will only disburse you the loan in your verified bank account. Which you have provided us during loan applying.

Post closure of your loan, your CIBIL Report will be updated by us by the end of the month following closure. In case of discrepancy you can contact to our customer care.

Loan Dost is operating under Satin Creditcare Network Ltd. As of March, 2018 Satin Creditcare is the second largest microfinance institution in terms of Gross Lending Portfolio (GLP) according to MFIN (Micrometer Issue 25) with a strong presence in north, east and central India. We would appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to read our Terms and Conditions and to reach out to us should you require any assistance! Your data is our biggest secret. We will not let anyone steal it nor will we let anyone buy it!

Please make sure that your images are

1. Complete

2. Adequately zoomed

3. Not blurry

4. Taken with good lighting.

We will keep all your data safe and secure! KYC documents: PAN/passport/driving license/voters id proof can be uploaded in JPEG or PNG format. We recommend clicking the image using App camera as it helps us in compressing better and upload.

We compress the files you upload so that you do not have to wait. If your uploading still take considerable time, please check your internet settings. If trouble still persists, get in touch with us through contact us form.

Yes, Loan Dost has two options for paying your loan EMI e.g. NEFT & UPI ID/VPA. You can get Loan Dost’s account details in your mobile app for transferring loan EMI.

There are steps:

1. Log on to the bank's official internet banking website. Access the Profile Tab and click on the Manage Beneficiary link. Here you need to select Inter Bank Payee from the available options.

2. Select ‘Add’ option and enter the Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Account Number, Address and Inter Bank Transfer Limit in the provided fields.

3. Later enter the IFSC code of the beneficiary bank branch by using the Location option or using the drop down menu provided.

4. Now click the ‘accept Terms of Service (Terms & Conditions)’ button followed by ‘confirm’. Right after this a security password is sent to the mobile number offering an additional security measure. Use this password to validate the beneficiary. The added beneficiary is activated in a maximum time period of 16 hrs. and minimum 30 minutes.

5. Once activated you can now easily transfer funds to the beneficiary account. For remitting funds to the Inter Bank Payee via NEFT select the ‘Inter Bank Transfer’ link.

6. Later select the transaction type, i.e. NEFT. After this, select the beneficiary you wish to send money to from the list of beneficiary accounts which are added and successfully displayed in your account. Enter the amount that you need to transfer and you can also enter narration for the transaction you are making.

Yes, you are free to pay your loan EMI through your any bank account.

Customer has to pay EMI through using UPI or NEFT/IMPS and company will not automatically deduct EMI amount from bank account of customer.

We are updating continuously our frequently asked questions list. But still you have unanswered questions. Kindly contact us through contact us form.

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