What are trust questions and how to answer them

While applying for a loan in Loan Dost mobile application a customer has to answer a set of 3 or 4 questions. These questions are known as trust questions. It takes a few minutes to answer these questions. These 3 or 4 questions are asked multiple times in different ways to check accuracy of answers.

Trust questions are very easy, and the best tool to understand customer profile.

A customer is expected to answer the questions in an honest way. A loan application may be rejected if a customer does not attempt the questions sincerely.

Following are some important instructions regarding trust questions:

  • There are no right or wrong answers. Please choose an answer which is the most suitable choice for you.
  • Try to give the first response that comes to your mind. Please do not spend time analyzing or debating the situations. It is important that all the questions are answered.
  • Some of the questions may be in the forced choice format, where the questions have two options and you have to choose any one of them. There may be situations where you may find both the options equally appealing, but you will have to choose only one of them. In other situations, you may find that neither of the given options is appealing to you in this case also, you are expected to choose the one which is relatively more appealing to you.
  • You have to answer these questions assuming yourself in the situation stated and what you would naturally do.

Apply loan at Loan Dost and have fun with trust questions

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