How to improve CIBIL Score with Loan Dost

Loan Dost is an instant personal loan business run by Satin Credit Care Network Ltd

As per RBI guidelines Loan Dost is forced to regularly submit data of existing customers to CIBIL and other credit bureaus in India. Loan Dost also verifies credit history of a customer before approving a loan.

Following is the step-by-step way to improve CIBIL Score with Loan Dost:

  • Step-1: Provide correct information & correct documents to get a loan
  • Step-2: Pay all EMIs on time
  • Step-3: CIBIL Score improves*
  • Step-4: Customer gets better deals for loans of more amount and low rate of interest in future

It works two ways, if a customer pays EMIs on time the CIBIL Score will improve but it will get lower if a customer does not pay Loan Dost EMIs on time, and such defaulters are not likely get good deals from Banks and Loan Dost in future. A customer who is a Loan Dost defaulter will not get good deals from banks in future.

If a customer wants to improve his/her CIBIL score in short interval of time then such a customer should avail a loan of short tenure from Loan Dost, and re-pay all EMIs on time. A loan of long tenure and regular timely EMI payment can improve the CIBIL score to a large extent.

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* CIBIL Score also depends on repayment behavior of customers at other banks also, it can also vary depending on policies of respective credit bureaus

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