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About LoanDostThis Is Why We Are So Awesome objective is to create best innovative digital lending platform that will change the way of lending in India. Being a new age online brand, we bring together new credit scoring systems for superior customer profiling; our mobile app strategy will help customers get loans within few minutes. The Loan Dost is backed by Satin Creditcare Network Ltd. that aims to build a new credit scoring platform that combines traditional credit scoring with new social and online scoring technology-linked risk assessment concepts, to deliver a revolutionary new business set to change the lending market in India.

We offer personal loans to individuals for purpose of home renovation, wedding, vehicle, medical emergency, travel and much more. We provide with the rates that are often lower and affordable. With the good CIBIL score, the applicant can get loan easily with an outstanding rate of interest. Simple online application – with no paperwork through the post and no early repayment fees. There are no hidden charges.

We provide its customer with easy EMI option available on the loan tenure from 12 to 36 months. This loan tenure would be beneficial for the user regarding loan sanction. We understand that the user wants assistance and help all the time when it comes to choosing a bank and putting your hard earned money at something. Therefore, Loan Dost has a commendable help support services with the user can call at any time. Satin Creditcare Network Ltd. has started its operations as a provider of individual and small business loans and savings services in 1990 with an objective to provide ‘doorstep’ credit in urban areas and gradually forayed into semi-urban and rural areas. We registered as an NBFC with the RBI in 1998 and converting into an NBFC-MFI in November 2013.

The Company completed its IPO in the fiscal year of 1996 and was duly listed on the Delhi Stock Exchange (DSE), Ludhiana Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Jaipur Stock Exchange (JSE). Following the subsequent de-recognition of these exchanges by SEBI, Satin Creditcare listed its Equity Shares on the Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) on May 19, 2015, on the NSE on August 26, 2015 and the BSE on October 20, 2015, adhering to the guidelines and policies issued by SEBI regarding the exit option to regional stock exchanges (issued December 29, 2008) and the exit policy for de-recognized/non-operational stock exchanges (issued May 30, 2012). The Company voluntarily delisted its Equity Shares from the Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited with effect from January 19, 2018

As of March, 2018 Satin Creditcare is the second largest microfinance institution in terms of Gross Lending Portfolio (GLP) according to MFIN (Micrometer Issue 25) with a strong presence north, east and central India.

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